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Apply forFellowship


Dear colleagues!

We offer a unique opportunity to take part in the development of a virtual scientific platform.
Our task is to help create a comfortable scientific environment and provide an opportunity for free access to information.
We are supposed to publish interesting scientific articles, videos of the best scientific lectures and seminars.
Also we offer all scientists interested in obtaining individual grants for research in the humanities to take part in the competition of scientific grants IAS-MSPU.

Moscow State Pedagogical University / Russian Institute for Advanced Study  (RIAS- MSPU)
MSPU Postdoctoral Fellowships in Humanities 2018, Moscow
Dear colleagues,
New RIAS Programme 2018 Call for applications in open

The Russian Institute for Advanced Study (RIAS) Fellowship Programme is an international researcher mobility programme offering 3, 6 and 8-month stay in RIAS-MSPU (Moscow, Russia). The Institute for Advanced Study supports the determined, self-directed work of the researchers from all over the world. The fellows working in international multidisciplinary scientific community get a unique opportunity for advanced study in the finest research conditions in a comfortable RIAS campus. The scholars also benefit from all the MSPU facilities, one of the biggest Russian pedagogical universities, including the best Russian libraries in the field of humanities, opportunity of collaboration with wide range of the Russian scientists from different Russian scientific institutions.

RIAS Fellowships are offered mainly in the fields of the humanities and social sciences. At the same time these grants may be provided to the scholars in life and exact sciences if only their research project does not require special laboratory facilities and that it interfaces with the humanities and social sciences. The Programme welcomes applications worldwide from young scholars (postdoc) as well as from leading senior researchers. In order to match the Programme standards, we recommend the applicants to submit a research proposal which demonstrates a multidisciplinary scientific approach and publications potential in high-impact scientific magazines.

For the 2018 academic year most preferable applications will be selected from the following scientific areas:

  • Interdisciplinary research in the field of social sciences and humanities, including institutional analysis, political and economic research, social communications research, integrated political, legislative, social, economic and historical research;
  • Social computing research and other fields of the synthesis of social humanities and computing sciences(high-tech social network research, cyber-psychology, cyber-policy, computing linguistics, pattern recognition, artificial intellect, IT in education, informative systems of management, new media environments);
  • Cognitive and neurosciences, experimental psychology: theoretical and applied aspects;
  • Research on various fields of social technologies, including political technologies, management technologies, marketing technologies, advertising and public relations, creative technologies, forecasting technologies, social, managerial and institutional design technologies, educational technologies;
  • Research in the field of the synthesis of humanities and life sciences, including ethology research, biopsychology, genetic and other biological factors influence on individual features and social behaviour;
  • Mathematical modelling of social, political, economic, neuro-psychological, ecological and other complex systems and processes research;
  • Environment research: environmental monitoring, energy efficiency and conservation, human ecology, influence of high-tech and media on people in towns and cities;
  • Linguistic research, including social linguistics, computing linguistics, neurolinguistics, psychological linguistics, cognitive linguistics, etc.
  • Research in the field of the synthesis of arts and sciences, including research in the field of creative industries, design and cultural studies. 


The RIAS International Fellowship Programme welcomes applications worldwide from young and senior researchers having academic degree (Candidate of Science/Doctor of Science; for foreign аpplicants: PhD), as well as the publications in journals indexed by WEB of SCIENCE and / or SCOPUS data bases.
Fellows will have a unique opportunity to implement their research project, being a part of an international team, and working in a multidisciplinary academic community. RIAS provides all the necessary conditions for research, information and library support, opportunities for publications, as well as assistance in obtaining patents and inventions licenses.

The working languages of the Programme: Russian and English 

Duration of the Programme:

  • 8 months:     April 15, 2018 – December 15, 2018

  • 6 months:     April 15, 2018 - October 15, 2018
  • 3 months:     April 15, 2018 – July 15, 2018 

The research grant includes:

  • Travel expenses: tickets at the beginning and at the end of the programme (bus, rail or air flight, economy class);
  • Accommodation in an individual comfortable room of the university’s guesthouse located in close Moscow suburb;
  • 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in the guesthouse;
  • Visa support and invitation letter for foreign researchers;
  • Standard medical insurance;
  • Scholarship for the period of stay in RIAS:
    -    Russian participants: 74, 712 Russian rubles per month (minus 13% personal tax deductions)
    -    Foreign participants: 92, 857 Russian rubles per month (minus 30% personal tax deductions)

Requirements for participants during the Programme:

  • Preparation of publications in journals WEB of SCIENCE and / or SCOPUS (2 articles every 3 months);
  • Participation in the interdisciplinary monthly seminars of the RIAS International Grant Programme; delivering at least one lecture in the framework of seminars;
  • Participation in the education and research programmes of MSPU according to an individual plan which may include:
    -    Teaching a short course for MSPU students (for the participants of the 6- and 8-month programme)
    -    Delivering public lectures on the project topic (for the participants of the 3-month programme)
    -    Development of a research project with the MSPU faculty members
    -    Elaboration of an application for research grants with the MSPU faculty members

Application Deadline: February 22 2018, 24:00 Moscow time

Applications have to be submitted on-line on RIAS website in English or in Russian with English translation ("Take part in the competition" button). 

The proposals will be evaluated by the leading Russian experts. The results will be published on the RIAS website. 

More information about the Russian Institute for Advanced Study (RIAS), the results of previous programs, RIAS events, as well as the electronic application form are available on the website:

Contact Information: 

Tel .: +7(495) 915-57-40
Address: 16-18 Verkhnyaya Radishchevskaya, 109240, Moscow


Apply for RIAS Fellowship


Russian Institute for Advanced Study (RIAS)

Russian Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Technology (RIAS) was established in 2012 by the Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities and has been functioning with the financial support of the Ministry of Education and science of the Russian Federation.

The foundation of the RIAS has become a part of strategic development program of the Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities.

RIAS mission is the support of innovative research in interdisciplinary fields assuming synthesis of different branches of social and humanitarian knowledge and exact and natural sciences.
[ more... ]


Research funding (grants) in 2015-2016. Russian Postdoctoral Fellowships in Humanities 2015-2016, Moscow

Dear colleagues,
Call for grants contest bids for carrying out research, housed by the Russian Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Technology (RIAS) Sholokhov University 2015-2016, will end.
The contest results will be announced after July 30, 2015.
[ more... ]

News and activities of the InstituteRSS
29 November 2017 Научно-методическая сессия ученых – международных экспертов в МПГУ 29.11.2017 и открытая лекция академика РАН Роберта Нигматулина

29 ноября 2017 года в рамках выполнения Институтом перспективных исследований (ИПИ) проектов программы Евросоюза Эразмус+ Erasmaus+/ Jean Monnet ("Научная политика центрально-европейских стран-членов ЕС и России: общее прошлое - общие вызовы") в МПГУ проходила международная научная конференция: «Научно-методическая сессия ученых - международных исследователей и экспертов». На этой конференции состоялась также открытая публичная лекция выдающегося советского и российского ученого математика и общественного деятеля, научного руководителя Института океанологии им. П.П. Ширшова РАН академика РАН Роберта Искандеровича Нигматулина

9 0
16 November 2016 The delegation of Moscow State Pedagogical University visited Budapest. Where the members of this delegation took part in realization of European grant program Erasmus+ Jean Monnet.

This visit is included in huge program of cultural, educational and scientific-research affairs which are scheduled during 2016-2017 under two projects of Erasmus+ “Enlargement Laboratory: EU Values and their Effects on New Member States in the Research and Innovation Sector” and “Visualizing the European Ideas: Interactive Teaching Methodology for Secondary and Vocational Schools”.

146 0
07 July 2016 Summer school Jean Monnet

MSPU students open their own Europe! Summer school of European programm Erasmus+ of Jean Monnet project: "Open your own Europe" starts its work in Moscow State Pedagogical University.

154 0
02 July 2015 The seminar "Turkic corpus linguistics and computer lexicography"

The academic talk and seminar, delivered by PhD in Philology, Associate Professor in Crimean-Tatar Linguistics SELENDILI LEMARA, is to be held as part of the international scientific program of Russian Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Technology (RIAS).

Администратор 268 0
01 July 2015 The academic talk and seminar "Deleuze and Russian cinema"

The academic talk and seminar, delivered by Dr. Sergey Toimentsev, is to be held as part of the international scientific program of Russian Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Technology (RIAS)

Администратор 249 0
10 June 2015 Seminar "Literary Education in the 21st Century"

The academic talk and seminar, delivered by Doctor of Philology, Professor in the XX century Russian Literature B.A. Lanin, is held as part of the international scientific program of Russian Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Technology (RIAS).

Администратор 261 0
03 June 2015 Seminar by professor Radina N.K.

June 4, at 14:00 the academic talk and seminar delivered by prof. Radina N.K is to be held as part of the international scientific programme of Russian Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Technology (RIAS) Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities

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